Tuscany Lemon Teapot

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Price: $39.99

Item Number: 632777
Manufacturer: Flowers Inc. Balloons / Burton & Burton
Manufacturer Part No: 9811157333
The Tuscany Lemon Teapot is a  cream in color with a dark blue. There is two lemons with leaves on the front and the back.This way you can set it either way and you will see the Lemons. You can also buy the matching mugs, vase, 3 piece planter, bowl and pitcher.
It stands 8"H by 11"W and holds 4 cups of liquid.

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Tuscany Lemon Planter 3 Piece Set
Price: $47.99
Tuscany Lemon Planter 3 Piece Set
Tuscany Lemon Planter set of three pots. They all have lemons in the front of them with blue rims around the tops. Large size is: 6 1/2 H and 6 1/2 D. Meduim size is: 5" H and 5" D. Small size is: 4" H and 4" D. This set would look great in any setting.
Tuscany Lemon Vase
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Tuscany Lemon Vase
Tuscany Lemon Vase. There is a big lemon in the front of the vase. It is 9" wide from the handles to handles and 8" tall.
Tuscany Lemon Pitcher
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Tuscany Lemon Pitcher
Tuscany lemon pitcher. Pitcher stands seven inches tall. This Lemon Pitcher holds 8 cups of fluids.
Tuscany Lemon Bowl
Price: $33.99
Tuscany Lemon Bowl
Tuscany Lemon bowl has a Lemon in the front with blue trim all around the top. You could use this Lemon Bowl for fruit on the middle of the table. You could even use it for salads for family gatherings. Size is 9" W by 5 1/2" H.
Tuscany Lemon Mug
Price: $13.99
Tuscany Lemon Mug
Tuscany Lemon Mug. It has a Lemon on both sides of the mug. Great for a big cup of coffee or hot chocolate. The Mug holds 2 cups of fluids.
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